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During the first week of the 2022-23 NFL season, more than 120 million people across America tuned in to watch their favorite teams square off for the first time since February.

That number is up significantly from 2021, and from the past 5 years as well. It’s clear that American football, specifically the NFL, is the most popular sport in the US. But is it the most popular sport to bet on?

With the growing prevalence of online sports betting, many fans are adding a bit of excitement to their football viewing experience by placing wagers at NFL betting sites. Moneylines, parlays, over/unders, if you can name it, you can find it at the best NFL betting sites.

In this article, we’re going to give you everything you need to find the perfect NFL sportsbook and start making winning wagers right away.

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There are plenty of places online where you can find NFL prop bets or NFL betting lines, but only a few of those sites will
actually make it worth your while. When you’re in the business of online NFL betting, you want to make sure
that you’re using a reputable site with solid betting lines and high-quality banking options.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just learning how to bet on football or if you’ve been wagering for years,
these sites make it easy to get started right away! Here are our top NFL betting sites:

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When we go in to assess the quality of an NFL betting site, there are a few specific features we look for. It’s kind of like doing a car inspection. You check the brakes, the headlights, change the oil, etc.

For sportsbooks, we always check:
payout speed

Payout Speed and Banking – You want to know how fast you’re going to get your winnings, right? Sportsbooks should always offer accessiblebanking methods and be upfront with how quickly you’ll get a payout. Ideally, we like to see payouts within a day or two.

Customer Support – Customer support should be fast, easy, and above all, helpful. A good NFL sportsbook will have a live chat feature, email contact info, and a phone support line, all of which should be accessible in multiple languages and timezones.

System Compatibility – The majority of gamblers use their phones, so mobile betting options are a big plus. The sportsbook should work just as good, if not better, on mobile as it does on desktop. Plus, the sportsbook should be compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac machines.

Safety and Security – This is a big one. Sportsbooks that secure their site with TLS-encryption and reCAPTCHA, segregate player funds in insured bank accounts, maintain an official gambling license, and test their games for fairness are at the top of our lists.

These are the common traits we need each sportsbook to have, but for football betting sites, we need to see a bit more. For starters, we’d like to see NFL betting odds for all games during the season with a variety of wagers for each game. Plus, we’d like to see specific competitions or contests surrounding NFL betting. MyBookie has a few contests for NFL season, with prizes up to $100,000, and that’s really what makes betting on the NFL so fun.

mybookie contests

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The biggest event in the NFL is also arguably the biggest event in all of
sports! We’re talking about the Super Bowl. This clash of the football titans
(rarely the actual Titans) pits the winner of the NFC and the AFC against each
other in late January or early February to decide the season-ending champion.

Super Bowl 57 Logo

In the United States, this is the time of year that all sports bettors, both professional
and recreational, set aside money to make sure they can place a bet on the big game. Everyone in America seems to want some
piece of the action, even if it just means placing a simple real money prop bet on the coin toss.
For the US NFL betting sites, they prepare for tons of action surrounding the Super Bowl but sportsbooks
from all around the globe see the bets pour in as well.

Literally billions of dollars are wagered every single year on a whole
wide array of different wagers. And most of these wagers are made through online sportsbooks.
During Super Bowl LVI, 34% of all people who expressed interest in wagering planned on using an online sportsbook instead of going to a casino or using an informal bookie.

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Options! We love options, especially when it comes to betting flexibility.
It’s our firm opinion that when you are betting on the NFL, you
should have plenty of options on what you can bet. We feel this way not only for
the Super Bowl and playoff games, but also for regular season games and even
preseason games if you like to get wild.

The best online sportsbooks will have a wide variety of NFL betting lines to choose from. You might play it safe
and pick a moneyline wager for your favorite team. Or, you can get a bit more specific
and guess the ending score of the game. It’s really about how much risk you’re willing
to stomach, and how much reward you’re looking to get.

Perhaps the most popular NFL betting trend is to wager a parlay. This is a set of moneyline wagers on numerous games
that are all contingent on one another. If you manage to hit each bet, you’re in for a pile of
winnings. But, if you miss only a single game, you’ve lost. It’s high stakes, but boy, is it high reward.

Below are some of the common NFL betting lines you’ll see at reputable sportsbooks. All it takes
to be a winner is a bit of luck, a good football betting strategy,
and an honest betting site.

Types of NFL Bets

Point Spread Point Spread You’re not betting on which team will win the game, you’re betting on which team will “cover”. Click Here
Moneyline Moneylines Betting the moneyline for a football game is simply betting on which team you think is going to win. Click Here
Sportsbook Totals Although they’re called Totals, this type of bet is better known as an Over or Under bet. Click Here
Money and Parleys Parlays A combo bet that links together 2+ individual wagers that is dependent on all teams winning. Click Here
Prop Bets Props A wager that’s decided over the course of a game, but that involves something other than the point spread, total, or moneyline. Click Here
Football and Money NFL Teasers Teaser bets are similar to parlays, in that they involve making multiple selections, but they are not quite as straightforward. Click Here
College Football College Teasers Teaser bets are a parlay that uses a modified point spread. You’re given a better spread than the board, and these pay less. Click Here
Money in Hand Pleasers Pleasers are a type of parlay that involve combining multiple point spread wagers or multiple totals wagers into a single bet. Click Here

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Here at, we don’t want to just give you the tools to build
your empire and not tell you how to use them. Of course, choosing the right NFL sportsbook is a big
one, but there are a few other tips you can use to stay in the green.

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If you want to shop your betting lines (which we highly recommend), go ahead
and join multiple sportsbooks. There is no additional cost to joining
multiple betting sites, and it does nothing but give you a leg up on the competition and provide you with a better opportunity to find the best NFL betting odds. You will need to spread your bankroll out a bit which
may take some additional capital, but the additional moneymaking potential from
shopping your lines is completely worth it.

Here’s Why You Should Shop Lines When Betting on the NFL Online
“Cowboys to Win”
Bet $100 to WIN $125
Bet 1
Man Betting
“Cowboys to Win”
Bet $100 to WIN $105
Bet 2
If you don’t shop lines you’re throwing away money! You can get paid more money for making the exact same NFL bets just by looking at different football betting sites.

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Just because an online NFL betting site has beautiful graphics and juicy bonuses
does not mean that it’s a great site or that it can be trusted. The worst betting sites usually try and mask their bigger issues by
offering huge bonuses and distracting you with flashy graphics.

Always read the terms and conditions of a sportsbook’s bonuses before claiming them, and read customer reviews if you can.

Don’t be fooled. Judge NFL sites on merit. If they have flashy
graphics, great bonuses, AND are a great site, awesome! But just make sure you
aren’t getting fooled by an untrustworthy site that knows how to put on some
nice makeup.

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If you’re at all concerned with choosing the best sportsbook, we suggest sticking to NFL sportsbooks that have
already been vetted and tested for trust, security, and overall reliability.

We take our online betting site reviews and recommendations extremely seriously. The list of sites
for betting on the NFL at the top of the page did not come easily or lightly. We put a
lot of work into this list to ensure that these sites are safe and can be
trusted. You can pick any of the sites we’ve already checked, but we highly
recommend not going rogue and choosing an NFL betting site that is not on the

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Yes! So long as you make sure you are betting with a reputable NFL sportsbooks, you should have no problems with safety and security. You do have to do
your part as well, though, to ensure the safety of your account. This includes
using a strong password, keeping your password secret, updating the antivirus on
your computer, not downloading shady files, and not logging into your sports
betting account from shared or public computers. If you can follow these simple
rules (which you should be doing anyway) and bet with a reputable and trusted
NFL gambling site, your experience will be completely safe.

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There are a lot of different ways to bet on the NFL, and it comes down to how much you’re willing to lose.
Some wagers, like parlays, are difficult to hit, but are very profitable. But, if you’re looking for a nice
middle ground wager, betting the point spread is a great wager.

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The answer is that it all depends on what you know more about. Some people
might argue that there are more opportunities to make money in college football
because there are more games and smaller betting pools, but there is also less
information. Honestly, the secret to beating any breed of football is becoming
an expert. Figure out which league you know the most about and start there. If
you’re an expert on both, bet both and track your results. You’re going to be
able to tell pretty quickly where you are having the best results and where you
should focus your action.

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The legality of sports betting in the United States is a bit convoluted, but as a general rule, make sure to check
the laws in your state. The federal government turned sports betting legality issues over to each state to decide,
so many places online gambling is 100% legal, where in others, it’s frowned upon.

If you use an offshore sportsbook like MyBookie or BetUS you’re able to place the NFL’s best bets from pretty much every state in the US.

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This is an interesting question because in all reality, there is no single
best NFL betting site. There is a list of the best online betting sites for the NFL, but it’s hard to say which is going to be the best for you. The reason
for this is because each website provides a slightly different
experience that you may or may not prefer.

Here’s what we can tell you. The list of sites we’ve listed
at the top of this page are the best NFL sportsbooks on the web. It’s up to
you, though, to decide which one is the best for you. Our advice is to take
a few minutes at each site and check out what they have to offer. It shouldn’t
take you long (and it doesn’t cost anything) to poke around each site and see
what you think. We’re confident that one of the online betting sites we have
listed up there is going to be a great fit for you.

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You can, and if you’re someone who is serious about turning a profit, you
should. There is no rule out there that says you are confined to only using one
NFL sportsbook. Most of the professional and serious sports bettors are
actually members of several online sportsbooks because it allows them to shop
their lines and find which book is paying the most on each of their individual
bets. It doesn’t cost anything extra to join multiple sites, and you’d be
setting money on fire if you weren’t actively shopping all of your NFL betting

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You are never locked into an NFL betting website no matter what. If you join
one and decide you don’t like it, you are free to cash out your money and
move somewhere else. It’s really that simple. Part of the perks of using
reputable NFL betting sites is that they aren’t going to give
you a hard time if you decide you want to go somewhere else. This should put you
at ease to know that there is really no risk in the decision you make today
because you can always change it if you find a better fit.