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The best political betting sites offer a wide range of markets on presidential elections, midterms, gubernatorial races, and much more. The US political landscape is gearing up for the 2024 elections, while many European countries are in similar situations. If you’re interested in getting in on some political betting action, you should take a look at our recommended sites and betting tips.

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Our experts have reviewed all the top political betting sites in detail. Read on as we reveal the best sites for betting on upcoming US presidential elections, senate races, and international elections.

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betus logo

BetUS is the best betting site for international coverage because they offer in-depth coverage of various American elections, as well as a huge array of political events taking place across the globe.

The site offers futures betting on presidential elections, federal elections, state elections and local elections in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Turkey, the UK, and many more countries. You can also wager on referendums, and there are plenty of prop bets.

For example, it offers betting on when world leaders will leave office, whether politicians will serve jail time, and so on. The odds are competitive, and BetUS also provides some of the largest bonuses on the market.

New players can claim a 125% welcome bonus with as little as a $100 deposit. The bonus is split as a 100% sportsbook boost and a 25% casino boost. You can use your extra cash to place bets on a plethora of BetUS’ political lines.

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SportsBetting Logo is the best betting site for anyone intending to wager on American elections. It covers presidential elections, midterms, various congressional races, gubernatorial elections, mayoral races, primaries, vice president nominees, and all sorts of exotic props. Just select “Politics” from the main menu, and you can browse a wide range of intriguing markets.

This site is particularly impressive for anyone that likes to delve deep into senate elections. You can bet on the winning candidate or party in each race, or you can consider over/under betting on a Democrat or Republican margin of victory. There are loads of primary season specials too, so you will never be short of exciting options here.

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MyBookie is a user-friendly site for anyone interested in betting on politics. It does not cover as many markets as, but it does offer very attractive futures odds on US presidential elections. You can bet on the winner of the next presidential election, the winning party or the nominee for each party.

If you compare the MyBookie odds against those available at rival sites for political betting online, you will notice that they are often market leading. Currently, MyBookie has Joe Biden at +144 to win the 2024 US Presidential race, but odds can change dramatically within the next year. If you sign up at MyBookie today, you can lock in a great rate and track the odds over the coming months.

The site offers broad limits too, with bets starting at just $2. New customers will receive a 50% bonus worth up to $1,000, and you can rely on this site to pay out promptly if you win.

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bovada logo

Bovada is the best option for betting on elections held in Europe because of their comprehensive coverage of UK politics, general elections, leadership battles, and props on leading politicians. You can also bet on the result of the next Scottish independence referendum. On that note, it takes bets on the prospect of a united Ireland, too.

On the continent, you can bet on Russian politics, German politics and so on, along with specials such as the next country to leave the EU.
Bovada also offers players the chance to get an extra $250 added to their account with their 50% sportsbook bonus. The 5x rollover is well below industry average, and a great option for political bettors looking to get an edge.

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betonline logo

You will find a wealth of political betting props at your disposal if you visit BetOnline. Props on presidential elections, congressional elections, worldwide elections, and novelty markets are available. For example, you can bet on the year that Kamala Harris becomes president. You can bet on whether Steve Bannon will be Donald Trump’s campaign manager. Or whether Hillary Clinton will be indicted.

There are also props on everything from the Royal Family to Hunter Biden, along with broader markets such as the next world leader to leave. Odds are updated on a regular basis to reflect political developments and current affairs around the world, so you will always find plenty of interesting options. BetOnline covers lots of regular politics betting markets too, including election winners, over/under bets, and long-term futures.

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This chart helps you quickly compare the limits, bonuses, and areas of expertise at the best political betting sites. You can click the links to read our in-depth reviews if you would like more information about each site.

Sportsbook Minimum Deposit Welcome Bonus Best For Read Review
betus logo $10 200% up to $3,125 Worldwide Elections BetUS Review
SportsBetting Logo $10 100% up to $1,000 American Elections Review
MyBookie $20 50% up to $1,000 US Presidential Elections MyBookie Review
bovada logo $5 75% up to $750 European Elections Bovada Review
betonline logo $10 100% up to $1,000 Political Prop Bets BetOnline Review

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We focus on several key areas when reviewing online betting sites. As explained in our ranking guide, our experts evaluate payout speeds, the quality of bonuses, customer service, and so on. We also concentrate on four specific categories when reviewing political betting websites:

Timely Coverage

The best politics betting sites react quickly to major developments in election cycles. This includes caucus results, nominations, televised debates, and developing scandals. The sites we recommend update their odds rapidly to reflect changes in the political landscape, so you’re able to make your bets without delay.

By contrast, most sites outside of our list will suspend their markets for several days after a significant development. In fact, many will only update their odds after industry leaders such as Bovada, BetUS and BetOnline publish theirs.

Creative Props

The top sites for betting on politics offer a wide range of creative props on US and international elections. This gives you a strong chance of finding options that fit your predictions. This can also help you increase the excitement of election season.

Competitive Lines

The best sportsbooks take a low house edge, which improves your long-term prospects of earning a profit. For example, you might find -110 on the Republican Party to win the next general election and -109 on the Democrat Party to win the election at MyBookie. That represents a competitive house edge of just 4.55%.

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It is also important to consider the overall reputation of each political betting site. We will only ever recommend trustworthy sportsbooks that have paid out their customers in full and on time for several years. Political gambling sites like BetUS, MyBookie,, BetOnline and Bovada are all very well established. They are renowned for grading bets properly and upholding their terms and conditions.

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All political betting sites featured here offer high-quality service, including reliable payouts, competitive betting odds, and large bonuses. If you would like to narrow the field down and find your ideal site, consider these questions:

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Consider the size of your bankroll when choosing a politics betting site. If you are on a tight budget, MyBookie is a great option, as it accepts wagers starting at just $2. Anyone seeking very high limits can head over to BetOnline, which offers a re-bet feature for players with large bankrolls.

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It is quick and easy to compare the odds at the top political betting sites. Identify the sites that offer the sharpest odds on your preferred betting options. Political gambling sites like MyBookie and Bovada quickly update their odds following major developments during election season.

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The leading political betting sites allow you to hedge your bets by backing multiple candidates in the same election. If you time it correctly, you can cover each option and lock in a profit regardless of the result. However, some betting sites do not permit this, so if it is a strategy that appeals to you, make sure it is permitted.

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If you would like to get paid out very quickly, Bovada,, and BetOnline all fit the bill. They offer same day payouts, but using crypto will ensure the fastest payout speed. Consider your preferred payment methods and withdrawal times when choosing a site.

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Anyone concerned about data security should sign up with an established, trusted site like BetUS, Bovada or BetOnline. They have all been operating for many years with reputable security thanks to their state-of-the-art encryption tools and firewalls.

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Betting on politics focuses heavily on a handful of key events, such as presidential elections and midterms. The odds on these events are typically released several years in advance, so the focus is firmly on futures betting. If you’re a shrewd bettor, you can wager on a candidate or outcome years in advance, but the more time between your wager and the event, the riskier your wager is.

By contrast, online sportsbooks cover thousands of different games each week, and they offer a far larger choice of markets. Options such as the point spread, run line and puck line are very popular.

BetUS Politics Betting

They level the playing field and allow the sportsbooks to offer similar odds on either team covering. Handicap bets are not typically available on elections, and there is often a clear favorite and an underdog, so bettors often risk a large amount of money to earn a relatively small profit on the favorite. Betting on the underdog has the potential for a large payout, but you have to really pay attention to early poll results and adjust accordingly.

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Most political wagers are fairly simple, and anyone who has experience with betting on sports will have a good grasp of political betting. Here are the most common types of bets for politics:

Futures Bets

This is a long-term bet on a future event, such as the 2024 presidential election. The best political betting sites will release odds on each candidate well before the election takes place – and often before we even know who the nominees are. The odds will then shift continuously as the election draws closer, reflecting political developments and public betting patterns.


This is a straight bet on the winner of an event, such as a mayoral race, a senate election or a presidential election. Political betting sites will publish moneyline odds on either candidate or party. The odds explain the profit on offer if you win. For example, you might find -400 on Andy Beshear to win the Kentucky gubernatorial election (bet $400 to win $100) and +250 on Daniel Cameron to win it (bet $100 to win $250).


You can bet over/under on markets such as the size of a party’s majority. For example, you might find -110 on the Democrats to win California by over 19.5% and -110 on them to win it by under 19.5%. You can bet over/under on the number of seats each party will win in the midterms too.

Props Bets

These are special betting markets that do not focus specifically on the result of an election. For example, you could bet on the size of a party’s majority or a candidate’s majority, or you can bet over/under on voter turnout at certain elections. There are also exotic props, which typically focus on colorful or controversial figures. You can bet often on markets like the next country to join NATO or leave the EU too.

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You can bet on a huge variety of political events from around the world at the best sites. These are the top five elections to wager on:

  • US Presidential Elections | US Presidential Elections are always an exciting betting event, as the momentum often ebbs and flows in the build-up. US politics are becoming even more contentious recently with high-profile scandals making big waves. Following the news can help you make an informed wager on the huge variety of props and ever-shifting odds in the months leading up to the election.
  • US Midterms | The US midterms can be profitable for bettors if you conduct thorough research. The ruling party often loses seats, and it can be intriguing to drill down into the various races taking place across the country to unlock value.
  • Canadian Elections | You can wager on federal elections and provincial elections in Canada at the best sites for political betting.
  • UK General Elections | There are always lots of markets available on UK general elections too, with several different parties vying for seats at Westminster.
  • Australian Elections | The Australian political landscape has been particularly exciting the past few years. Kevin Rudd lasted just 83 days as Prime Minister after being elected in 2013, and successor Tony Abbott was ousted after less than two years, while Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison did not last long either, so there is always a great deal of drama and excitement in Australia.

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The following tips can help improve your chances of earning a profit when betting on politics:

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The odds on each market can vary significantly from one political betting site to the next. It is beneficial to create accounts with multiple sites, such as BetUS, Bovada, and BetOnline. Be sure to compare the odds on any bet you like. You can then place your wager at the site with the best odds, which will earn you the maximum available profit.

Stay Informed

There is a wealth of information at your fingertips when making political betting picks. Keep up-to-date with current events, polls, and expert analysis to make informed predictions on political outcomes. Make sure you gather information from various sources to gain a balanced perspective before placing a political bet, as politics has become very polarized and there are a lot of echo chambers out there.

Follow the Trends

Monitor shifts in public opinion, candidate popularity, and campaign strategies to anticipate potential changes in the political landscape. If you react quickly to these shifts, you can grab early value before the odds change.

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Set a budget and stick to it. Political events can be unpredictable, so avoid placing large bets without careful consideration.

Hedge Your Bets

You can often cover both sides of the same bet, ensuring you receive a profit either way. For example, imagine you bet $200 on a candidate to win an election at odds of +300, meaning you stand to earn a $600 profit. That candidate then makes it through to the election against one opponent, who is priced at -120 to win it. At that point, you could bet $435 on his opponent, ensuing a $163 profit regardless of who wins.

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Betting on politics can be very exciting. However, it is important to gamble responsibly. Do not place wagers with money you cannot afford to lose. Be sure to take regular breaks from online gambling. If you need support, visit these resources: